Technology Assessment

All too often IT teams are stretched thin, and as a result tech solutions are deployed into production with incomplete investigation, limited analysis, and foresight on the impact to the overall environment. Managers and their teams are typically hard pressed to find the cycles and resources needed to perform a comprehensive and objective health check.

Novius employs a mature Technology Assessment regimen to ensure the best solutions and processes are brought to bear on any challenge:

  • RFP authorship and Procurement collaboration
  • Pricing and commercial terms negotiation guidance
  • Service Level Agreement definition
  • Detailed transformation planning and technical process development
  • Operational readiness analysis to reveal implementation effort and true TCO
  • Delivery Leadership and subject matter experts as needed
  • Detailed requirements discovery and issue rating
  • Intensive stakeholder 1:1 interviews and workshops
  • Consensus building through a formalized, inclusive decision process
  • Extensive experience in numerous technical disciplines
  • Real-world comprehensive business case development
  • Elimination of vendor hype and internal friction

At Novius our primary mission is to enable an IT organization to gain financial, operational and technical efficiencies.  We help swing the balance of resources, human, technological and fiscal, from steady state operations toward technical advancement.