Corporate Overview

About Novius Group

From its inception in 2003, Novius Group has provided information technology services and high level consulting for a wide variety of businesses. We have our corporate offices based in New York, a consulting staff throughout the United States and an offshore development facility in India. Our Partnership Team is composed of experts specializing in a wide range of technologies and business verticals.  We recognize the IT industry is at the threshold of a major transformation towards a service based application model layered on a Cloud Infrastructure Platform.    

Novius Group is a Microsoft Certified Partner and aligned with their Enterprise Cloud Alliance  (Azure).  This gives Novius Group the ability to leverage the huge investments that Microsoft has and continues to make to their Azure Framework so we can better help our clients with their transformation from existing legacy to Cloud based systems.

We offer expert Cloud Advisory Services, which include providing readiness assessments and transformation strategies to best leverage existing technology investments, while moving away from expensive hardware and software infrastructure.  There are several routes towards a Cloud deployment, and our trained, experienced and certified staff can help apply best practices to these critical decision points. 

Other core strengths include Applications Development, both legacy and Cloud based as well as Applications Management and support for clients’ data infrastructure.  We have extensive experience helping enterprises achieve their transformation goals using a proven methodology that focuses on IT and business requirements, ease of transition and achievable operational practices.

The Novius Group offers our clients a number of execution models, including Staff Augmentation, Project services and where appropriate, a model that supports offshore development.  We support many business sectors including:  Financial Services, Media and Advertising, Health Care, Life Sciences, Retail and Insurance. 


Company Strengths:

  • Independence:  Our first priority is always what is in the best interest of our clients, and we will always be objective when helping you select the right solution for your organization. 
  • Recognition of Client Challenges:  With the ever-mounting pressures to improve efficiency while driving down costs we have expertise in Data Security, Cloud Modeling (On/Off Premise or Hybrid), managing Clients’ digital assets (IOT) and maintaining the accessibility, quality and governance of Client data.   
  • Expertise:  The consulting staff of Novius Group have on average 15+ years of technology transformation experience and are certified in their discipline of expertise.
  • Partner Approach:  Our experts partner with your team and guide it to success. We do not dictate or demand, but rather employ our methodology to build an agreed consensus.
  • Vertical Specialization:  We deploy people who understand your industry and speak your language, on both the technology and business fronts.
  • Cost Effective:  We keep our overhead low, and with our flexible staffing models, we can deliver world-class service at a fair price, providing an excellent value for our clients.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
— Albert Einstein